Joe Fallisi-Ken O'Keefe: scambio di email sull'attacco alla Libia

Joe Fallisi
Ricevo da Joe Fallisi, e pubblico, la risposta di Ken O’ Keefe alla lettera aperta di Joe di ieri[1], nonché il successivo messaggio di Joe. Tutto ciò, nella condivisione dello spirito anticolonialista di questo scambio di email, al di là dei giudizi di merito che si possono esprimere sulla Libia del colonnello Gheddafi.

 Il giorno 18/mar/2011, alle ore 11.09, Kenneth O'Keefe ha scritto:

Make no mistake Joe, I am so buried with several projects that I just cannot keep up, otherwise I would have already made this clear.  

Regarding Libya, I am once again struck by the gullibility of people who buy into a no fly zone or any level of Western intervention being a good thing for the people of Libya and indeed our world.  The Western powers, especially the ones leading the charge, the US, Britain and France, are colonial/imperial powers who have always, always raped and pillaged the lands they have entered.  And yes, they do intend to enter Libya.  If we are so stupid as to buy into the idea that these nations simply want to help the people of Libya, then I say we remain the most stupid species to ever walk the Earth.  

As for the Arab League, what is the Arab League, it is a collection of corrupt puppets who mostly do the bidding of their Western paymasters.  They also serve to give the appearance of some level of autonomy in the Arab world, but this is just a ruse.  Sometimes they say some pretty words, just like their Western puppet brethren, but they are hollow and corrupt to the core.  To support a no fly zone because the Arab League has asked for it is to be manipulated, it is just that simple.  

For those who say we must act in order to save the lives of those in the crosshairs of Gaddafi, that was the same basic argument why we invaded Iraq as well.  Saddam killing, torturing his people, “we must liberate”, what a joke.  I say to those duped once again, lives may be spared in Libya in the short term, but be sure that the tyrants could care less about these people, it is the oil they covet and the no fly zone and attacks on Gaddafi are merely the prelude to the same old story of rape and pillage.  In the end more will die if the West comes to “help” the people of Libya, 1.5 million liberated/murdered Iraqi’s are the most recent proof of what is really going on.

La repressione in corso in Bahrain
What the tyrants really fear is what I really hope for, a Libya completely free of Western influence and manipulation, a Libya with true Muslim leadership, honourable leadership that cannot be bought.  Nationalized oil that benefits all the people in the form of first rate infrastructure, education, healthcare and so on.  If the people of Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Bahrain, etc., win their battles on their own terms, and we in the West extract our grubby hands from the booty, they will be just fine.  In fact they will be free of the Western tyranny that has been at the heart of the injustice and suffering they have known ever since oil was found beneath their feet.     

The definition of insanity is to keep repeating oneself and expecting a different result.  Rather than insisting that we the White Horse of heroism from the West comes to the rescue, we should be insisting that we get our blood soaked hands off of everything outside our lands and start cleaning up our own house, which is, for those remaining blind, a bloody mess of corruption and inequity.   

We in the West do not even take care of our own people, multi-billionaires and deep poverty side by side, house foreclosures in concert with trillions of dollars being handed to the banksters.  These bastard banksters are the ultimate rape and pillage machine, and they are salivating over Libya

On a brighter note, I am so happy and inspired to see the youth increasingly aware of these things, because we adults remain so completely uselessly duped on so many levels. 

I hope that is clear enough Joe, I will not generally respond to outside demands for my time as I work hard enough as it is and I cannot do all that I wish, but I respect you and agree that it is right for me to be clear on this issue.


Thanks Ken. I knew you're a honest, fair, true man. This is a confirmation for me. Only one thing. Even Gaddafi is a Muslim but he thinks (read the Green book, at least its first part, purely anarchist, on social self organization of the people: that the individual (or even collective) religious choice must be a spiritual, free one, not a tyrannical imposition to all society, where must exist, on the contrary, the freedom for the citizens to follow any or even none religion. What's important is the most possible social equity and that the real power is in the hands of the people: controlled by the people and ruled by not corrupted individuals for the common good. This was, at least in theory, the meaning and the aim of the Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya. And what you say, "Nationalized oil that benefits all the people in the form of first rate infrastructure, education, healthcare and so on", is actually what the Libyans were able to conquer and keep for 40 years, unique exception (not only) in the Arabic world. What will happen now to Libya, since we know what happened to the Iraq martyr, is not difficult to imagine. We definitely live in an Orwellian realm, deep into the Kali Yuga, but all people of good will must resist and fight for truth and justice.
See you soon my brother. Maybe again in Gaza.